Heidi McCurdy
Global - Jazz - Soul
Singer - Songwriter - Songweaver
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Heidi McCurdy is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and author. She draws on a rich tapestry of influences for her unique blend of Global-Jazz-Soul. Her CD “Fickle Mind” received songwriting awards and was featured on TV and national radio.
An avid improviser, Heidi brings a soulful aliveness to the stage. Her lyrics resonate deeply with the beauty of dreams, the depths of the soul’s passions and our collective power to create positive change.
Heidi has toured in Canada and Europe, and performed at jazz, wine and world music festivals. In the 1990’s, she co-founded the world fusion band, Yellow Belly, and has also performed with Bittersweet, The Alexander Browne Orchestra, and Johnny Ferreira and the Swing Machine. She currently is a featured vocalist with Supernatural – a Santana Tribute.
With her own band of accomplished musicians, her funky repertoire highlights her original songs and includes jazz and neo-soul standards by artists such as India Arie, Beady Belle, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Adele and Alicia Keys.
Heidi also offers singing meditations and improvised “Songweaving” sessions to honour special occasions. For these sessions, she performs solo with singing bowls, drums and vocal looping.

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Fickle MInd CD by Heidi McCurdy

Heidi’s CD “Fickle Mind” is available in iTunes or through Amazon at either Canadian or U.S. sites (click on country)

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