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As an Artist/Educator with Learning Through the Arts, I design and teach lesson plans that use the arts (music, creative writing, drama) to deliver curriculum in exciting new ways. I will also be facilitating Professional Development Workshops in October and November for educators on teaching math and literacy through music. Let me know if you would like to have me work with your class, school, or homelearners group. http://www.ltta.ca/


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Heidi singing with Bitter Sweet

O World Project

The O World Project aims to celebrate the diversity of human culture through music. The project enlisted musicians from around the world to adapt the original alternative rock version of 'O World' to their particular style, genre, and musical tradition. Heidi McCurdy created the Jazz Version of O World and recorded it with some of Vancouver's brightest jazz stars.

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Play My Game Listen to Play My Game

Moanin' Listen to Moaning

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Have you watched the TV show "Alice, I Think?" If you've seen the episode where Alice gets a black eye and her Dad is in a calendar, that's Heidi singing on "Up Up and Away" in the background

Heidi also recorded "These Boots are Made for Walking" for the opening episode of the T.V. show Robson Arms, which airs on CTV & The Comedy Network . Her original song "Play My Game" will be used in an upcoming episode. More info about the series can be found at: Robson Arms


"Heidi McCurdy is a vocal miracle."

- Jan Janssen, Real Roots Café, Holland

Read an interview with Heidi at: blogcritics

"Heidi McCurdy’s most impressive achievement on Fickle Mind is making Lilith Fair seem like it wasn’t such a bad idea..." read more reviews


Here you will find information about this vocalist/vocal coach/songwriter's award-winning music; upcoming performances; singing lessons and workshops.

A multi-talented individual with a lifelong passion for creativity, Heidi has dabbled in many art forms, practiced a few wholeheartedly, and pursued advanced learning in singing and Creative Writing (B.F.A., U.B.C.). She enjoys a portfolio career as a professional vocalist, songwriter, writer/editor, Voice Coach and Expressive Arts counsellor. You can read about her other activities here

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Heidi singing "Soulful, unique, amazing" is how listeners describe Heidi McCurdy’s voice. "Sultry jazz-pop with groove and an attitude" is how they describe her songs....   click to read more

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Heidi performing at the Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver, Canada

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I've posted some clips from my recent live recording at the Yale. It showcases the "Urban Tribe Acoustic" vibe I've been working with in a trio format (me, guitar and percussion) and the styles of songs we cover.

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I tailored the trio for smaller venues like restaurants and cocktail parties. We do a mix of funky-jazzy-pop, my songs, jazz, etc. for a hip, stylish ambience that grooves but is not overpowering. My trio (or duo, or quartet) is available for business parties, weddings and other private events.
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